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From Tragedy to Transformation, One Scholarship at a Time

The Jalen Talbert Memorial Scholarship Fund honors the memory of Jalen Talbert, a vibrant soul whose life was tragically cut short by gun violence in August 2017. Jalen's journey was one of unorthodox aspirations, leading him to pursue audio engineering and recording, where he stood on the precipice of realizing his dreams, merely six months from graduation. In his spirit, the scholarship is awarded annually in August to individuals who, as survivors of crime, have channeled personal pain into a profound passion for education, extending a hand to help others on their journeys.


To those who've endured the impact of crime, we acknowledge the pain etched in your hearts. Explore the scholarship criteria and consider applying. We stand by your side, offering support as you embark on a transformative journey, honoring Jalen's memory through the pursuit of educational dreams.


Our commitment to supporting students on their educational journey extends to those pursuing traditional academic studies as well as those engaged in vocational, technical, and trade education. Whether you're following a path of scholarly pursuits or developing hands-on skills in a trade, we are dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to empower every student on their unique educational journey.

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