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Russell Horace Talbert III
March 13, 1976 - October 27, 1997

Russell Horace Anthony Talbert, (affectionately called “Akang” from his African heritage, Akang means “First Son”) was the second child of proud parents, Russell Jr. (Gee Gee) and Mildred Talbert. 


Born on March 13, 1976, Akang began his life’s journey on a bright and promising road.  He attended Markham Park Elementary school and graduated 8th grade in 1990.  He then proceeded to Hillcrest High School where he again accomplished a major goal and graduated in 1994.


Akang was athletically gifted and shared his talents.   In elementary years he played little league baseball for Markham and football for the Hazel crest “Mustangs”.  He continued to finesse his skills in his freshman and sophomore years playing football and basketball for Hillcrest High School, “Hawks”.  He was voted “Turnabout King”.


Akang shared a warm and loving childhood with his family.  He grew up In a household that welcomed all with warmth and hospitality.  Akang was part of the proud Talbert heritage, a family filled with love, joy, laugher, soul food, and the best gumbo around.

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